How this path is started …..
The passion for drawing was born as a child: fascinated by my mother's pastel drawings (I still have before my eyes the splendid ship of Ulysses sailing the sea) struck by those images, I too began to copy figures with colored pencils from books and autumn leaves. The turning point came when I was 17 and my mother always seeing a drawing I had done while I was supposed to be doing my school homework, she said: nice! You should complement it with colors. So I made my first painting which I still keep, not knowing anything about the pictorial technique I used enamel paints to paint the wood. I began to find out about the pictorial technique in a pictorial technique book written by De Chirico. I was so influenced by it
that my first paintings were influenced not only by De Chirico's pictorial technique but also by his style. The following year I started i
my university studies in Florence faculty of Architecture which coincidentally is close to the Academy of Fine Arts which I attended as a curious person. The atmosphere of Florence with so many works by great artists was extremely stimulating, so much so that we wanted to follow that integral vision of art: painting, sculpture, architecture. During the university period I studied the history of art and this made me want to visit all those works described in the books. Thus began an artistic tour of Italian and European museums: a period of great learning. When I graduated I began the profession of architect but I did not forget my passion for painting, indeed thanks to my work as an architect I had the opportunity to see my paintings hanging in many homes. They were figurative but not realistic paintings, stylized figures made with oil colors on canvas. For some years I made paintings that were transferred to glass with specific enamel colors and made by a specialized company. Some of these creations are present in public buildings both in Italy and in the Netherlands.

In the late 90s when the environmental theme began to manifest its dangerousness I started a new pictorial collection with the environmental theme at the center, the title: Landscapes – visions of a traveler. These paintings have nothing to do with the noble tradition of landscape paintings, the current historical conditions have changed the perception of the landscape, no longer a source of contemplation, but an expression of an environmental crisis which, dominated by global dynamics, sees the fragility of landscapes subjected to changes which they no longer depend on man's work, but on devastating phenomena that are now out check. It was not a question of painting "postcard landscapes" but of representing this process of upheaval of the landscape. The landscape is no longer the expression of a community, but the result of devastating forces that human action is no longer able to control. For this series of paintings I have adopted a specific technique, I wanted "concreteness". Instead of the traditional canvas, I use a plywood panel stiffened by a wooden frame as a background material. The stiffness of the panel allows me to create a texture on the surface with the use of various materials: plaster, acrylic putty, cardboard and other, on this strongly relief weaving I begin the drafting of the colors, several layers of color especially acrylics and pigments dissolved in a medium. A conflicting relationship is created between these two elements, with the texture representing the unnatural and the color the natural. The colors have a predominant  earthy tone with hints of vivid colors. In recent years I have started to paint in a "digital" way with the use of a graphic tablet, these images are printed in an excellent way by an English company "Theprintspace" which not only deals with the printing, but can also arrange for the creation of the frame and quickly arrange for the transport and delivery of the chosen image.